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Since their introduction in 2011, Ruthless have stayed one of one of the most prominent US e-liquid brands worldwide. Their variety of fruit, sweet, tobacco and menthol blends have actually remained a company favourite amongst vapers. These e-liquids are available in 50ml and also 100ml shortfill


Grape Drank by Ruthless eLiquid | 100ml Short Fill - As a soda flavour, there's nothing quite like grape. A great grape soda is pure and sweet with a lovely effervescence that makes your mouth tingle with anticipation of the next sip. Still looking for the perfect grape soda e-liquid? You won't find it until you try Grape Drank by Ruthless E-Liquid.

Ez Duz It by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - Don't you love the current trend of flavouring candy with real fruit juice rather than artificial flavours? That's what Ruthless has done with their famous EZ Does It e-liquid. With the flavour of hard candy made from real strawberries and watermelons, this is a fruity vape juice that you shouldn't miss.

Ez Duz It On Ice by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - Imagine taking some delicious strawberry and watermelon hard candies, crushing them into a fine powder and using them as a topping for a snowcone. It's a pretty wild idea for an e-liquid, and it's an idea that Ruthless has executed perfectly with EZ Duz It on Ice.

Tropic Thunda by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - Guava spends most of its time playing a side role in e-liquid. With Tropic Thunda by Ruthless E-Liquid, guava finally gets its chance to take centre stage. You'll also taste a delightful note of berries in this wonderfully tropical vape juice.

Jungle Fever by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - Nothing refreshes the palate quite like an e-liquid with a good blend of tropical flavours, and that's exactly what you've just found. Jungle Fever by Ruthess E-Liquid features a blend of mango, pineapple and citrus flavours that's tasty enough to make even the pickiest of vapers smile.

Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - Coffee and cigarettes combine to form the quintessential rushed breakfast for smokers in a hurry. Though it isn't the healthiest breakfast in the world, you may look back on this times with a bit of nostalgia now that you're a former smoker. Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless takes you back to those days in vapour form.

Dulce De Tobacco by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - If you can imagine flavouring a rich custard with the essence of tobacco, you have an idea of what Ruthless E-Liquid set out to accomplish with Dulce de Tobacco. With notes of tobacco, condensed milk and caramel, this is a dessert e-liquid with a touch of complexity that you won't find elsewhere.

Rise On Ice by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - If you've tried the original Rise by Ruthless E-Liquid, you're probably already smitten by its unique blend of jackfruit, lychee and mango flavours. Now, it's time to add a bit of ice to that tasty tropical cocktail. Rise on Ice uses a bit of menthol to give you a cooling sensation that you'll love.

Rise by Ruthless eLiquid |  100ml Short Fill - Jackfruit -- it's not just a filling for vegan tacos any more! Rise by Ruthless E-Liquid is a tropical medley in which jackfruit joins forces with mango and lychee. Vape this one while pretending that you're drinking a tropical cocktail at the beach.

- Made in the USA

- 0mg

- 100ml

- 80VG/20PG