The best Way to quit smoking 2020

There are a lot of methods people use to try and get off the smokes.. I know I was one of them for 20 years.. However until I tried vaping all other methods failed, I would end up purchasing that dreaded 20 pack of embassy no1 and before I knew it I had given up on giving up.

Vaping has helped countless people like me give up on the cigarettes successfully. The nicotine delivery from nic salts was the closest thing to me as having a cigarette with the added bonus of having a sweet flavour (and my clothes don't smell anymore) which is a definite plus for the woman in my life who is a non smoker and non Vaper.

Our industry is all about getting people off the smokes, it wasn't Invented for non smokers and I truly believe that our products hold the key to get rid of smoking once and for all.. 

It really makes my heart sink when I read demonising articles around vaping, it makes me think of that one person who may of thought "Vaping is bad for you too what's the point in switching then" and this person just goes back to the worst habit of them all.

Our company Marathon Vape was established firstly to help those make the right decision and to give advice and also value to our customers to help them live a longer happier smoke free life.

Our team at Marathon Vape can be contacted at to offer help guidance and support for adults looking to make the switch.


Thanks for reading & Long Live Vaping


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