Periodically something comes that completely shocks you. Something that you initially put down as 'tolerable', or perhaps possibly just 'something different', yet after that you invest a little time with it as well as start to actually appreciate every little thing that it is.

Today's evaluation is on a tool easily. This setup sucked me in and then just pleased me with it's simpleness, use, and also outright integrity. It's seldom that I get a details tool without also thinking about it, yet with the "Smok Rigel", my hand has just been gripping it for the last few weeks!

Smok have actually copped a bit of negative thoughts over the years, over their quality control and large amount of products that they've generated, earning them the preconception that their products are cheap, with poor quality.

I need to say, since 2014, I think they've really drawn things together as well as are producing some high quality gear today. As well as this is an excellent example of that!

Today, I'm going to be taking a look at their latest double battery mod, the Smok Rigel 230W kit!

smok regal kit

Smok's product packaging just gets better as well as far better, the Rigel 230W Kit is presented splendidly well, and taking it out of the box as well as feeling this gadget simply fits. I'm really stunned at exactly how small this dual battery mod is, and the form is completely ergonomic. Smok have gone to town not just on the presentation, but the coating of this configuration, and also it settles. Holding this in the hold of the hand, provides you the feeling of high quality, as well as with the rubberised finish, provides it extra grasp, you're not going to drop this in a hurry!

Flaunting 230 Watts of power, this double battery mod, is straight up basic, with no extra features or gimmicks, variable electrical power mode is what you get, as well as it does it so well. Throw in a 6.5 ml tank right into the mix like the TFV9 and now you've not just got power, yet flavour as well as an e-liquid capacity to keep you going while out and around.

smok regal sideview

This is a sensational piece of kit. From the clever designing to the wonderful feel in the hand, the Rigel Kit is going to be a popular combo! You merely can not go wrong with up to 230 Watts of power, and also a terrific sized container such as the TFV9.

I'm well amazed with this, as well as have actually found myself grabbing the Rigel ahead of other setups that I have in my testimonial line for the absolute simpleness and superb, consistent vape that it produces.

With more Pro's than Con's and an amazing experience to back them up, I 'd suggest this kit to any type of brand-new DTL vaper around searching for a cool arrangement, with great flavour as well as battery life.

Exceptional job Smok! It's great to see you guys back in the game with style

You can buy the Smok Rigal here